Emergence of color through the Month of May

There has been so much richness in witnessing the transformation of color as I strolled through the woods and the neighborhood this month. Early on the color of yards, trees, hiking trails were still pretty gray and lighter tan.  Wow- what a couple weeks can do.  Are you sensing into the lushness of the shades of green that are unfolding, springing, growing throughout the landscape.  As you take in the sites and nourishment of green, can you feel it in your body?  Can you sense into moisture?  How does it impact your cells, your fluidity and movement? 

When we tune into the healing properties of the natural world, our cells mirror the gifts within the plants, trees, lake, air, sun and so on.  I particularly can feel my joints softening, sense into an alive energy circulating in my blood and get reminded that life is continually renewing.  We can remember there is a season for rest, quiet, inklings of stirring, anxious energy of wanting to grow and now as we move into the warmer weather embrace the energy of emergence.   What is emerging in you?

We would love to have you join us June 2nd at our Restorative Workshop (Eastman Nature Center) as we hold space for you to let go of what is getting in the way of your unique bloom.  We will guide you in exploring what is missing to fully support the unfolding of your true nature. 

How about the canopy of leaves-can you feel the protection?  Another way my body takes in the nourishment of spring is through the umbrella of leaves.  The leaves seem to be a filter for me of all the energetic toxins in the world.  Migraines decrease, the musculature tension softens, and my breath expands when I walk through the woods or sit in my backyard.  I feel my nervous system calm and re-organize.

We invite you to take time in nature on a regular basis and mindfully feel into the gifts.  Notice how your body responds to the sights, sounds, vibrations, smells, and organic life around you.

If you would like some guidance in this process, check out our quarterly day long workshops or join us September 15th-17th at Crow Wing Crest Lodge in Akeley Minnesota for our weekend retreat.  We love collaborating with nature to help you step into alignment with your authentic self.  

Hope to see you there!!


I write this on the first day of a warming trend we had to wait until well into April to see. Spring seems like it took it’s time this year to arrive. The good news is that all of the seasons are awesome and arriving late just gives us more time to enjoy the previous season. There is so much more to enjoy by accepting the timing of Mother Nature and not making judgments or assumptions about how it “should” be in each moment or month. The same goes for many areas of life.

Amidst the Trees completed our spring workshop. Thank you to all who attended. The weather was beautiful for early spring and the yoga, drumming and walking the outside labyrinth all contributed to the restoration of our bodies as we emerged from the cocooning of winter. We hope to see all of the attendees at a future event. It was a lovely day.

Molly, Lisa and I are planning our next event in June. We welcome you to join us to celebrate the abundance of all of who we are to begin the summer. The date is June 2, and this time in the north suburbs at a new venue, Eastman Nature Center, which is another beautiful spot. We are also planning our weekend retreat in September at Crow Wing Crest Lodge, registration will be up soon. We hope you consider joining us for a weekend of restoration on many levels including the beach, bonfire, taking time for yourself and the added benefit of utilizing the healing modalities offered by the hosts there in your free time. The fall workshop will be in October also. We hope you can join us for one or more of the events. Caregivers often have a difficult time taking time for themselves and we hope you give yourself the gift of restoration, even better if it with us.

Enjoy each moment of the new season upon us, the increase in daylight, the emergence of new leaves and the flowers popping out of the ground as it warms, jumping in the plethora of puddles, and beginning to dig in the dirt to garden. May the quality that restores you begin to step forward and become a daily part of your life.

Watch Lisa and Molly on YouTube

Lisa and Molly talk about our workshops, giving more detail about how it interfaces with and incorporates Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

A Bit of Us and the Creation of this Website

A bit of us and the creation of this website. Lisa Molly and I have been sharing
adventures in nature for several years. Whether we are in the Boundary Waters,
in the Porcupine Mountains, or just a walk or swimming in a local park, we get rejuvenated and feel connected to something greater than ourselves. We had an idea to share this with others in a
way that could help people restore and live in the world more authentically.

Weaving our experience in somatic-based therapy, our love of nature, and our spirituality into creating space for others to restore themselves, the authentic restoration workshops were born. We had so much fun creating and doing the workshops. The idea to do a weekend arrived, and we are currently growing that idea into our first weekend this October. The weekend encompasses ceremony, play, and activities to connect with nature and restore your spirit. It follows the same pattern as the workshops, grounding, clearing, and accessing, followed by integrating. We encourage you to join us in whatever capacity calls you.
Lisa, Molly, and I met through the sensorimotor psychotherapy community. We have worked our way through the training and have become consultants. (Lisa went further and is also a

The website serves as a place to schedule consultations and gives more than one
option to a consultee. It is an attempt to assist in making it easier to find something that works
with your schedule and your needs with less effort. Feel free to contact us if you don’t see
something that works for your schedule.
We hope you can join us on a nature adventure, either for a day or a weekend.