Sensorimotor Consulting

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Consulting with Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Practitioners

Lisa, Molly, and Shelly are certified consultants for sensorimotor psychotherapy. Lisa is also one of the faculty members of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. We have a passion for sharing this body centered modality with others. It has had a powerful impact in our work with clients. Schedule a consult to refine skills, ask questions, or complete the requirement for sensorimotor psychotherapy training.

Lisa Johnson Taylor (she, her, hers) is a Licensed Psychologist currently practicing at Healing Connections Therapy Center. During her 30 years of working in the mental health field, she found her passion as she stumbled upon the powerful transformation that unfolds integrating Sensorimotor Psychotherapy into groups. She continues to co-facilitate experiences to collectively access the wisdom of the body leading her Trauma Skills groups, offering Authentic Restoration Workshops, and guiding the Experiential White Body Race and Privilege Book study for SP students. Although SP primarily informs her work, she synthesizes aspects of IFS, ART, AIR Network, spirituality, nature based healing and other somatic based inquiry. Lisa is committed to an ongoing mindful study of how her cisgendered white body privilege impacts all those she intersects with.

Molly DePrekel (she, her, hers) is a psychologist in private practice both at the Cairns Psychological Services and Consulting and Hold Your Horses. She provides therapy and consultation for other professionals in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Animal Assisted Interventions. She holds a certification in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, AIR Network, EMDR, and Yoga. She is also faculty at the University of Denver School of Social Work in the Institute for Human Animal Connections.

Shelly Edwards (she, her, hers) is a licensed psychologist with over 27 years of experience working in mental health, focusing on trauma and recovery. She is certified in sensorimotor psychotherapy and is a consultant for sensorimotor psychotherapy. She ran groups and worked in the DBT model of therapy for 20 years, running a certified program. Her practice consists primarily of assisting adults heal from complex trauma.