Authentic Restoration Retreats

Restorative Weekend Retreats

Authentic Restoration Retreats: Creating a space for Caretakers to restore

Caretakers come in many forms – healthcare worker, therapist, teacher, parent and more. You are most likely burnt out, possibly in emotional and physical stress. It’s your time to restore and reclaim your energy. 


Restore, replenish, reconnect with your inner strength

Your work in the caregiving profession is critical for so many. You have chosen a career that makes an extraordinary difference to others. This is meaningful, and can be exhausting. We know that you have a hard time taking time for yourself. And we also know the importance of taking that time to restore – for you and for all those that you work with. 

Our retreats are designed with you in mind. Nestled in the beautiful Minnesota north woods in a cozy resort on a lake located in Akeley – just 2-3 hours from the Twin Cities – your weekend surroundings are filled with whispering trees, the peaceful songs of the loons, the soft rhythm of the waves. Even as you arrive, you will breathe deeper and start to release the tension that may feel has become a permanent part of you. 

We work to keep the number of retreat participants low so that you all have time for your own space to restore as you need, with the awareness of being a part of a group that understands the stresses of the caretaker profession – a collective energy to tap into throughout the weekend and beyond. 

Your weekend of replenishment will be a blend of guided self-inquiry, mindful movement, connecting with nature, ceremony, and play – with time to be with just yourself along with time with the group. Our process combines nature-based healing and spiritual awakening through somatic-based inquiry. We will help you access your ability to listen inside your own body for the answers on how to clear the ‘sludge’ that has built up, release what is needed to release and open the space to replenish and heal. 

In addition to our retreat activities Crow Wing Crest Lodge offers a Lakeside sauna, drum circles, aromatherapy class, yoga on the lawn, and on-site services of reflexology, massage, and spa stuff galore that you can access during free time!

You leave feeling refreshed, nourished and tapped into your life-source energy.

All work is guided by Molly DePrekel, Lisa Johnson Taylor and Shelly Edwards, three licensed psychologists that are experts in their field and have years of experience in different areas of the mental health field.  

General flow of the weekend includes:

Friday  Noon arrival

  • Take a self-guided tour of the resort and start to feel the tension release
  • 3:00 check In and orientation to the weekend, grounding activities and then dinner

Saturday morning

  • Breakfast
  • Guided mindful movement and mindful inquiry into listening to the wisdom of the body, journaling and inquiry

Saturday afternoon

  • Lunch
  • Free time – play at the lake, go for a walk, sign up for a massage or reflexology session, kayak, enjoy
  • Group gathering and check-in

Saturday evening

  • Dinner
  • Guided experiential accessing activities, fire ceremony, free time in nature, 

Sunday morning

  • Guided restorative postures and breath work
  • Grounding activities 
  • Group sharing on how to continue the cleansing and restoration

Closing – noon

Testimonials for the retreat attendees:
  • The diverse unity of the retreat leaders held space for multifaceted connection which allows for opening in safety.
  • Was amazing thank you!
  • Thank you for the gifts you three bring….creating safe space for us to open and heal!
  • So much gratitude for caring, holding, creating, cleansing, etc.
  • Most helpful- mandala, going in, digging deep into the wisdom of the body.
  • Wonderful transformative experience- thank you so much!
  • Walking away with strength to carry out being authentic in all areas of my life and have tactical ways to connect, ground, and restore. Highly Recommend!
tress, rocks, and a small waterfall

Restorative Weekend Retreat

Crow Wing Crest Lodge

September 27th - 29th 2024
Noon Friday through Noon on Sunday

Join Molly, Lisa, and Shelly in a reorganization and reset for the caregiver.

Join us for a restorative weekend in nature. Through body-focused activities, movement, self-inquiry, mindful exploration, ceremony, and play, we will nourish ourselves and find our capacity to restore.

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Cost: $475
Includes Dinner on Friday and Saturday Evening
(You will need to bring breakfast and lunch)

Molly DePrekel is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of experience in mental health and healing. Her focus is on animal-assisted interventions, nature-based healing, and somatic practice.

Lisa Johnson Taylor is a licensed psychologist with over 30 years of experience in mental health. She is passionate about group work that accesses body wisdom and supports a collective transformation.

Shelly Edwards is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience working in mental health, focusing on trauma and recovery. She is curious about the overlap of somatic, psychological, and energetic healing.