Transitioning into Stillness

Can we follow the rhythm of nature? 

Listen to the earth, observe the barren trees?  Notice the brown leaves on the ground. Can you peacefully accept the letting go – of that which no longer serves you and your place in the world? Just as the natural world goes through a cycle of ending, death and dying- can you honor that which is ready to be shed from you? In order to grow we must release something.

As we move into the winter season, again notice the ice forming, the earth cooling, sense into the dormancy of the freeze.  Will you allow for the forced rest of winter?  Will you push past it?  Nature guides us into a time of necessary quiet.  Will you take the opportunity to pause and honor that which has come before this moment, reflect, and clear space?  The dark time can be a time to rest into the peacefulness of winter. 

Blessings to all of you as you transition into this time of hibernation.

If you would like to continue to explore the gifts of nature, join us on January 26th at our restorative workshop as we deepen into internal reflection and ponder what dreams are stirring in the stillness.

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